Page 9 - 数控外圆磨床综合样本
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M K  系 列 数 控 精 密 外 圆 磨 床

                 MK Series Precision CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine

                MK1332  MK1632

            ¾ 机 床 概 述  M a c h in e  T o o l O v e rv ie w
               M K  系 列 数 控 外 圆 磨 床 是 我 公 司 以 外 圆 磨 床 为 基 础 , 采 用
                    MK Series CNC cylindrical grindings are the universal type by modular design, and are designed and developed based on the  cylindrical grinding of our
            company. This series machine are the general type CNC grinding machines with high , and flexibility, which are applicable both in a single piece, small batch
            processing, and the production of larger quantities, with a wide range of application areas. The machine has a high efficient control system and simple
            operation mode. This kind of grinding combines mature technology, good quality, high-precision, low investment and a great run economy and other factors.
            It has a high degree of automation, and several cylindrical grindings can be clamped and finished at one time. It can meet the grinding requirements from small
            to large quantities of workpieces. The Grinding Wheels of big or small all maintain the highest and constant linear velocity, which ensures the consistency of
            the processing quality.

             ¾ 工作精度(标准试件) Working Precision(sdandard test specimen)
                            Circular degree         0.002mm
                 Longitudinal section inside diameter consistency   0.007mm
                          Surface roughness         Ra0.32μm

             ¾  机床规格参数  Specifications
                            内容                   单位              MK1332                      MK1632
                            Content               Unit
                                                               x1000  ×1500                ×1000  ×1500
            中心高 Height of center                  mm               180                         180
            外圆直径磨削范围 Range of external grinding   mm            Φ 8 ~ Φ 3 2 0                Φ 8 ~ Φ 3 2 0
            外圆最大磨削长度 Maximum external grinding length   mm      1000  1500                  1000   1500
            顶尖间最大工件重量 Maximum wordpiece weight between centers   Kg              150
            头架主轴转速(无级) Workhead sindle speed(Stepless)   r/min                  30-300
            头架主轴锥孔锥度 Wordhead taper of spindle hole(MT)   -                  莫氏5    Morse5
            尾架主轴锥孔锥度 Tailstock taper of spindle hole (MT)   -                莫氏5    Morse5
            砂轮尺寸(外径×宽×内径)  Grinding Wheel (OD×W×ID)   mm       Φ600×(32~100)×Φ305          Φ600×(32~100)×Φ305
            砂轮最大线速度 Grinding Wheel Maximum peripheral velocity   m/sec           45
            工作台回转角度          顺时针 Clockwise         °                      3   2      3   2
            Swiveling angle of worktable   逆时针 Counter-clockwise   °      7   6      7   6
            尾架套筒液动移动量 Tailstock quill travel      mm                             40
            砂轮架电机功率 Wheelhead motor power         Kw                             11
            头架电机功率 Workhead motor power           Kw                             1.5
            机床净重 Net weight                       Kg            6300  8300                  6300   8300
            机床毛重 Gross weight                     Kg            7200  9300                  7200   9300
                             长 Length             mm            4200  4700                  4200   4700
            Overall dimensions   宽 Width          mm                            2400
                             高 Height             mm                            2200
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